Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu

  • Are you feeling stuck and wanting clarity?
  • Are you wanting to feel empowered and feel ready to move forward on a positive path of self-discovery and self-growth?
  • Are you struggling with making decisions and feeling uncertainty about the direction your life and relationships are taking?

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fears. And nothing controls you except your beliefs.”

~ Marianne Williamson

You feel that you’re unable to control or change certain destructive thoughts or behaviors that you know deep down aren’t logical or productive:

  • You believe you are not good enough…not thin enough, attractive enough, smart enough, successful enough…
  • You habitually drink or use way more than you intend to.
  • You attempt to control what, and how much, you eat (and exercise), only to feel a horrible sense of shame or guilt if you break one of your food or exercise rules.
  • You continually get into relationships with people who aren’t a good fit or who don’t treat you well, and then you get stuck in an obsessive loop once the relationship has ended.
  • You avoid, and get anxious at the thought of, disappointing others or setting boundaries by saying NO.
  • You believe that you feel too much (or too deeply), and the idea of sitting with uncomfortable emotions has you frantically running for quick ways to distract and numb yourself.
  • You’ve realized these self-medicating numbing vices (binge eating, drugs/alcohol, sex, shopping, etc.) have taken on a destructive life of their own (and when you suppress any emotional state, you add layers of trauma that gets stored in the body).

Give yourself permission!

I understand that sometimes it’s hard to take that “me time” and make the space for yourself (and give yourself the permission) for self-care time to work some stuff out that may be weighing you down, keeping you stuck, or stopping you from moving forward.

Imagine how it would feel to spend 50 minutes a week with someone dedicated to hear you, see you, collaborate with you in a genuine and non-judgmental space?

Individual Therapy is a safe and confidential space where you will feel seen, heard and understood, and where the treatment will be tailored to meet your specific and unique needs and goals.


You can’t change what you don’t see.


You can’t change what you won’t admit or acknowledge.


It takes deep self-reflection and work.

There are a number of reasons why you may be seeking out individual therapy. You may be dealing with major life challenges or childhood traumas, struggling with an addiction, an eating disorder, relationship issues, depression or anxiety, a chronic health issue, or you just want to feel happier, more fulfilled, and more like yourself . . . maybe for the first time ever . . . and you feel ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and greater self-awareness.

Some of the more common issues and concerns clients have come to me to help them with:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety / Panic / OCD
  • Relationships, communication and intimacy issues
  • Co-dependency
  • Eating Disorders and Body image issues
  • Addictions
  • Trauma and childhood wounds
  • Reducing stress (post traumatic or not)
  • Life transitions
  • Coping with a loss
  • Depression / Low mood or motivation
  • Chronic health issues
  • Finding the best versions of themselves


Together, we will work one-on-one, collaboratively, to help you gain insight and self-awareness of the healthy, and the self-destructive, patterns in your life; we’ll look at the various parts at play, and provide you with tools and coping skills to eliminate the parts that are blocking your personal growth and preventing you from enjoying satisfying relationships with yourself and others.

We will be exploring the journey of YOU!

We will explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors and work through whatever may be challenging you or influencing how you think, feel and (re)act. We’ll identify areas of your life that you would like to better understand and change, set personal reachable goals, and work towards you getting to a place of feeling happy, content and free to be yourself and live the life you truly want.

Ways that you’ll benefit from individual therapy:

  • Recognize your strengths and find a deeper understanding of yourself and what is at the root of your stress and unhappiness.
  • Understand how your belief systems and patterns keep you from living the life you truly want.
  • Cope with emotions that overwhelm you or, leave you feeling stuck or create a vicious cycle of harmful habits and behaviors.
  • Learn boundaries to protect what matters most to you.
  • Feel more connected to yourself and your relationships.
  • Build more confidence and trust in yourself and your inner voice.
  • Find your motivation and break through the fear of change.

Let’s build insight, confidence, and growth while you heal your body, mind and relationships.

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