Addictions Therapy

Therapy For Addictions/Substance Abuse

Many people feel powerless against their addiction, which often manifests with various levels of obsession, dependency and abuse, in addition to other unhealthy behaviors. However, the prognosis is typically good for the individual who wants to find a new, free, successful life.

Dr. Karin Schwartz’s addiction therapy is completely discreet, and personalized to fit each individual’s lifestyle and personality – whether you are new to the process of recovery and treatment, or are someone who struggles with relapse.

Dr. Schwartz’s approach to abuse and addiction therapy combines several philosophies and techniques to create a variety of rehabilitation options, both traditional and innovative. Dr. Schwartz provides compassionate, customized treatment in an outpatient private practice setting, which allows the dependent person a route to recovery that is specifically tailored to his or her specific needs. Clients who resist typical recovery programs frequently find that Dr. Schwartz’s therapy is a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Dr. Schwartz provides custom treatment for individuals looking to break out of the chronic relapse cycle, as well as those hoping to deal with their addiction once and for all. All of the treatment methods she employs focus on maintaining a strong, grounded foundation in recovery and personal growth.

Dr. Schwartz served as a primary therapist at several world-renowned inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers, where she provided comprehensive individual and group treatment plans and psychotherapy.

“Love is work made visible”

- Kahlil Gibran

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